The National Cybersecurity Student Association is seeking an Academic Faculty member who would like to take on the role of the Student Association’s Chapter Development Director.

*All canidates must be an Academic member of the National CyberWatch Center. Please go to to sign up.


  • Lead the nation’s largest cybersecurity student association, student chapters.
  • Work with leaders and Academic faculty across the nation.
  • Grow your network and join our Advisory Board.
  • Make a change with our national cybersecurity community.
  • Collaborate with students, academia, government, and industry professionals on our Board.


  • 2-year commitment.
  • Must be a faculty member of an academic institution.
  • Must be an academic member of the National CyberWatch Center.
  • Remote position, which requires at least 20hrs a month.
  • Candidates with student chapter building experience is a plus.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Reach out to academic institutions to establish chapters.
  • Respond to student chapter inquiries.
  • Answer questions from student’s chapter representatives, inquiries and assist with the chapter establishment.
  • Send/answer emails/phone calls.
  • Facilitate online video conference calls with student(s), chapter(s) and/or facility member(s).
  • Facilitate chapter development with respect to policies, procedures, guidance documentation and process improvement.
  • Oversee the Chapter Development Committee and lead meetings.
  • Update map on website of new/old chapters.
  • Create, update and manage student chapter documents via Google shared drive.
  • Work with the social media director for chap dev marketing campaigns (approved by Exe. Dir.).
  • Facilitate and lead the Chapter Development committee and meetings.
  • Provide updates to Exe. Dir. and Committee members.
  • Create and attend meetings with cross-functional teams/groups/Exe. Dir..
  • Fill out a monthly individual activity report and send it to the Exe. Dir..
Please go to to sign up for academic membership.
For more information, email us at with the Headline, “Chapter Development Director Academic”