Cybersecurity students, you are all invited to participate in the focus group that will be hosted by the Cybersecurity Skills Journal virtual FOCUS event on January 11th. at 10:30 am (ET). The focus group will be discussing the importance that contacts and relationships  (social networks) have for career success in the field, particularly for minority groups. You will have the opportunity to hear from Cyber professionals with diverse backgrounds discussing the ways in which their social networks have benefited them in their careers, the strategies they have used to build their network of relationships, and the challenges that cyber professionals from diverse backgrounds face in building and accessing their network. As an attendee, you will also have the opportunity to have your voice heard. We would welcome learning about your social network, how your professional contacts have helped you, and the challenges that you have encountered to build a network that helps you advance in your career.
          Research suggests that social networks are very important for career advancement and success. As the saying goes, “it isn’t what you know, but who you know, that is the secret to career entry and advancement.” This focus group discussion is an opportunity to explore this topic and learn more about it through discussion and conversation. We invite you to register for this virtual event at: