Pathway to Advancement in Cybersecurity Education (PACE) – Cypress College

K-12 public education is developed on principles that all students need a solid foundation of core academic knowledge and life skills to be successful. In reality, this has translated into a single goal of preparing students for 4-year colleges rather than providing a multi-faceted approach to career development. As a consequence, high school dropout rates are still a major concern even for relatively affluent districts. Furthermore, high school graduates are not necessarily ready to complete or transfer to 4-year schools as is evident from the low completion rates.

A guided Cybersecurity pathway that builds on cyber content developed during middle school years is most likely to succeed. Introducing a dual enrollment pathway as early as 9th grade with multiple educational and employment exit points is applicable to a wider student population and will positively impact high school and college drop out rates. The overall goal of this innovation is to develop and implement a Pathway to Advancement in Cybersecurity Education, or PACE, from middle school all the way to a 4-year College with multiple opportunities for employment exit points.

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