The National Cybersecurity Student Association is back with CyberXL and a new CTF game, the Secure Coding Challenge.

Every week there will be an individual challenge. Once each weekly challenge is solved, you will be entered into a raffle drawing for each week’s correct completion. All the challenges are not compounding on previous week’s work, so participants can join at any time! Only the National Cybersecurity Student Association members are eligible to win prizes. Please go to to join.

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CyberXL is a series of weekly, individual challenges that include puzzles that are related to the cybersecurity domains. There are 2 challenges, 1 per week. For CyberXL, we will offer a hint on Wednesday and Friday via our social media accounts.
Duration: Dec 21 – Jan 3rd.

Week 1
Game Name: Crypt-oh
Duration: Dec 21 – 27th, 2020
Week 1 Winners: 
Rahnell @Kean University
Gabriel @Valencia Community College
Keith @Washtenaw Community College

Week 2
Game Name: Stegano-crypt
Duration: Dec 28th – January 3rd, 2021
Week 2 Winners:
James @University of South Alabama
Charles @Trident Technical College
Josh @Western Governors University

Secure Coding Challenge
Look for flags by analyzing the source code (aka white-box code review) of web servers mostly written on Java, PHP, and Python. There will be 5 challenges per week (4 weeks) for a total of 20 challenges, which are beginner friendly. Basic knowledge of coding is necessary.  Those who complete all 5 challenges each week will be entered to win a prize each week. We will draw 3 winners per week and have a leaderboard for this CTF challenge via our web server portal. Scoring will consist of how many problems you complete, and amount of hints utilized.

CTF Scoreboard

Duration: January 4th – 31st, 2021.
Challenge Weeks:

  • Week 1: January 4th – 10, 2021
  • Week 2: January 11th -17th, 2021
  • Week 3: January 18th – 24th, 2021
  • Week 4: January 25th – 31st, 2021

Week 1 Winners
1st: theinen
2nd: Rogue
3rd: snehaltodkar18188


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