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Cultivating a national community that supports students in their cybersecurity endeavors through extracurricular activities, career opportunities, mentoring, and  keeping them at the forefront of cybersecurity trends.


The National Cybersecurity Student Association is dedicated to expanding its membership’s professional network and cybersecurity industry connections.  This commitment positions student members for greater success in the cybersecurity sector.

Benefits of Membership
$12.99 semi-Annual Membership Fee
(March & September)
$19.99 Annually

  • Network with other like-minded individuals.
  • Gain access to our student member portal.
  • Learn about over 50 scholarships opportunities.
  • Take part in cyber competitions hosted all over the world.
  • Browse through a variety of resources, research and publications.
  • Check out our Job Portal and internship pathways
  • Submit resume and connect with sponsors who are actively seeking their next cybersecurity employee.
  • Share your knowledge through our blog posts to increase your brand visibility via our social media platforms and website.
  • Participate in conferences, training and events on our calendar.
  • Attend our monthly Webcast Series.
  • Gain insight about your club and activities.
  • Start a student chapter.
  • Chance to win swag and much more.
  • Must be 18+ to qualify for membership.
  • Semi-anual enrollment period is March – August and September – February. You can register anytime.
  • Annual membership starts on you join date for a period of 1 year. 
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The membership term length is for a one year upon signing up. You must renew every year. 

Student Association Participant

This membership is FREE. Stay up to date with the Student Association’s activities. Participate in one Student Association program or event each year to maintain your Participant status. Upgrade to become a Student Association Member to receive discounts on events, skills assessments, partner programs and much more. The membership term length is for a one year upon signing up. You must renew every year. 

Faculty membership

If your institution is an Academic Member of the National CyberWatch Center (check here:, Faculty membership in the Student Association is FREE. Email requesting you be added to your institution as a Student Association Faculty Member. If your organization is not an Academic Member of National CyberWatch, but you would like to initiate the process, click the Academic – Free radio button when you apply below.. If you prefer to join the Student Association as a Faculty Member, without an Academic Membership in National CyberWatch, click this radio button to continue. You will have the option to pay at the end.

Student Association Alumni

Student Association Alumni membership eligibility is limited to the first three years after graduation, including the National CyberWatch Center Cybersecurity Professional membership. After that, the member is expected to upgrade to Cybersecurity Professional at $125/yr.

Our Presence

This map displays  the National Cybersecurity Student Association
members and student chapter locations

By default, the map shows location where members are located. To locate student chapters, click on catagory filter and select student chapters. 

      Local and State Chapters

      Through the National Cybersecurity Student Association, develop and strengthen your leadership and teambuilding skills as we form local and state chapters.

      Higher Education and Continual Learning

      The National Cybersecurity Student Association inspires and empowers cybersecurity students to build a strong academic foundation with a continual learning perceptive that employers seek.

      Building Workforce

      The National Cybersecurity Student Assocation will proactively contribute to the preparation of a world-class cybersecurity workforce, through the development of technological and leadership skills that ultimately contribute to their employability.