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Becoming Ready to Enter Today’s Cyber Workforce: Helpful Resources to Put Your Career on the Fast Track.
January 17th at  7:45pm EST – 6:45 CST – 5:45pm MST –  4:45pm PST.

During the webcast, we will review which cyber-related jobs are growing or declining in demand as well as what is the current state of cybersecurity capability maturity in the U.S. IT workforce. The result shows which cyber responsibility areas are in greatest need of new talent. We then dive deeper into some of the high-demand roles to review the capability profile that students should be developing.

The presentation will conclude with an overview of the CyberWatch Cyber Ready Professionals Program. This program is designed to raise student’s career readiness. Participants in the Cyber Ready program receive an Individual Capability Profile (ICP) that shows their readiness to perform specific cyber tasks which can be provided to prospective employers to determine fit with open positions. We have found the ICP eliminates bias in hiring and has tripled the candidate pool for employers by identifying talented students who are highly capable but might be overlooked by traditional recruiting methods. NCSA Chapter members receive priority access to the Cyber Ready resources which include the aforementioned capability assessments, an extensive professional skills training program, personal career guidance from a Certified Professional Coach, and priority selection to have a booth at the Talent Fairs held at regional and national Cybersecurity Capabilities and Careers Symposia (3CS) events.

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