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The National CyberWatch Center and Accenture have partnered to bring you the Cyber Ready Professionals Skills to Succeed Coaching Program.

Accenture’s Skills to Succeed (S2S) Academy is a free online employability training program developed by Accenture. Created specifically to meet the needs of jobseekers, the Skills to Succeed Academy offers bitesize, interactive online training modules to prepare Learners for the entire journey of choosing the right career, finding a job and succeeding in the workplace.

The training is interactive, features relatable characters and focuses on teaching people how to do things for themselves, building skills and confidence, and empowering them to take ownership for their career development and job search. Innovative simulations provide a safe environment where jobseekers can practice for real life situations, such as a job interview, instantly seeing the consequences of their decisions.

The National CyberWatch Center certified ICF coach’s, will guide you along your path to success. S2S participating students will have the unique opportunity to experience having a personal coach, just like many corporate CEOs that you hear about in the news. Want something life-changing? This is it!

This program is ONLY for students who are in North America.

NCSA Premium 1-yr memberships will receive 1st dibs!

Check out the Recording HERE